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Tang's Parents

Student Admitted to: Columbia University

"The Eureka Program is an excellent research program, and the tracking service is excellent; parents and students will be notified in advance before each class. We do sometimes forget. Every time I receive a class reminder, I feel very warm. Special thanks to the professors and the teachers of Eureka. In addition, our son responded that the writing teacher was very responsible for the revision."

- Tang's Parent

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Susan's Parents

Student Admitted to: University of Pennsylvania 

"I am very fortunate to have both of my children participate in this course. During
the course, through the professor, my children learned how to think more
rationally and objectively, and to write essays rigorously. Throughout the learning
process, my children were happy and full of passion!"

- Susan's Parents

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Sarah's Parents

"I didn't expect my kid to complete the thesis and have their work showcased in the end. My child also received a high evaluation from her professor. The professor was really serious, responsible, and gave a lot of guidance to the students. My kid was able to master the analysis, data processing, and the thesis structure."

- Sarah's Parents