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Eureka Program Outcomes

Through the Eureka Program's tailored approach, participants gain invaluable college-level research experience, benefiting from personalized mentorship from current professors. Explore the full range of benefits awaiting Eureka students.

Mentor Signed Student Evaluation

Certificate of Completion

Personalized Research Project

Writing Support & Resources

Internship Opportunities

Reference Letter Disclaimer:

The Eureka Program does not guarantee any reference letters as a result of attending the program. The Eureka Program will never ask faculty to provide reference letters on behalf of the students in any condition. It is at the faculty’s discretion whether to provide student reference letters. 

Eureka Students

Have the Opportunity to Create a Network of Professional Connections!

Eureka Students

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the interested Academic Field!

Eureka Students

Cultivate Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, & Time Management Skills! 

Eureka Students

Get into their Dream Colleges!

Eureka Students

Learn how to have Systematic Approach to Scientific Research!

Eureka Students

Can Use Their Research Outcomes to apply to other prestigious Summer Programs or Competitions!

What Eureka Students Say

“Eureka gave me a chance to spend the summer before my senior year in an especially enriching way. I did hands-on research with a prestigious scholar and got to meet with him one-on-one along the way, which was an extremely valuable experience that I could not have gotten from any summer camp.”
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