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Founded in 2017

New York, NY

30+ Research Workshops each year

500+ Students (Accumulated)


of Eureka Students received admission offers to a

Top 30 US University*

(Ranking by USNEWS)


of Eureka Students received admission offers to an

Ivy League University*


Students have graduated from the Eureka Program


of Faculty at the Eureka Program are from a

Top 30 US University

(Ranking by USNEWS)


Study Areas offered each year

*This figure is based on the results of a voluntary survey conducted by the Eureka Program after the completion of each research workshop. This figure does not accurately reflect the results of the entire student body as many participants have declined to share due to privacy reasons.

What is the Eureka Program?

The Eureka Program is a research program, providing high school students with the opportunity to conduct high-quality, individualized research projects with professors from top universities in the United States. 

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Why is Eureka


Eureka Project = Academic Research + Social Impact Activity

The Eureka Program supports our students to combine their academic interests with extracurricular projects. This way, you can build your own personal image in an integral way!

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Student Name:



Cognitive Psychology: Self-Regulated Learning

Research Title:

The Impact of Different Genres of Music on Teenagers

College Admitted:

University of Pennsylvania

At Eureka, Richard worked with a psychology professor from Williams College to conduct a research project, showing the correlations between music and higher academic performance. 

Richard has spent his summers interning at a neuroscience lab, where he studied the connection between Alzheimer’s and microbiomes in the gut. His insatiable curiosity has led him to study biochemistry and neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania this fall where he studies biochemistry and neurobiology. (Source)

Congratulations Richard! 

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Engineering Ancient Rome

Constructing and Testifying the Accuracy of a Groma

Columbia University

Student Name:


Research Title:

College Admitted:

Anita attended a Eureka summer workshop, completing a research project with a Stanford University Professor of Classics. Her research project focused on studying an ancient Roman surveying tool. Through her research, Anita was able to connect the dots between ancient and modern engineering methodologies. 

Anita is very involved at her high school, participating in various extracurricular activities. She is well-recognized at her school and her efforts led her to receive an Early Decision admission offer to Columbia University. In her interview with Eureka, she explains how studying at the Eureka Program had improved her college application.


Congratulations Anita!

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