How Eureka Builds Diversity

"International" "Diversity" 

At Eureka, we’re proud to offer a unique and flexible educational experience designed to be compatible with students' summer schedules.


We want to show you how Eureka Alumni spend their Summer 


Because the Eureka Program is online and designed to be flexible, I get to accomplish more"

Henry's Summer Timeline

Eureka Program:

Artificial Intelligence: Theory, Methods, and Application 


New Mexico Rise Together Service Project 



CAMP  Volunteering, taking care of kids with disabilities


SAT Writing/SAT Prep  


"On average, Eureka Students attend 3 other summer programs such as recreational summer camps, volunteer activities, and SAT Prep Courses"


"Eureka Program is a great addition to my high school summer plan because it's online and accommodates my schedule." 

Jack's Summer Timeline


Eureka Program: Quantum Mechanics and Relativity



Management and Technology Summer Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. 


World Youth Economic Forum. Economic forum for youth, with simulations and more. All-day.