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The Eureka Program offers a diverse range of over 30 unique programs, designed to empower students in achieving their academic goals and exploring their passions. Our program is tailored to foster a dynamic learning environment, enabling students to delve into a variety of subjects and discover their academic interests. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to support each student on their educational journey, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed and thrive.

Discover the possibilities with the Eureka Program – where education meets inspiration.

How to Choose Your Program

How to Choose Your Program

Finding your Academic Interest!

This program aims to help students explore and understand their interests in specific subjects

Requirements: Middle and high school students with strong English reading, writing and speaking skills

Enhancing your Research & Writing Skills!

This program is designed to help students enhance their writing and research capabilities.

Requirements: Middle and high school students with strong English reading, writing and speaking skills and basic understanding of academic research methods and standards

Develop your Research Project!

This program is designed to guide students in developing their own research projects, with support and mentorship from a doctoral advisor.

Requirements: High school students with strong English writing and speaking skills with foundational knowledge in the selected research field. Students should be independent thinkers with great problem-solving skills 

Conduct your own Research Project!

This program enables students to complete a final draft of an article under the guidance of a professor.

Requirements: High school students with an in-depth knowledge, with a clear research topic in mind. Strong independent research and time management skills. 

Group Structure
Workshop Structure
1-on-1 Workshop Structue

2024 Eureka Program Types

Why Attend the Eureka Program

A Highly Efficient Way to Achieve Academic Growth

Students do not need to start from scratch. Instead, they are provided with program topics that are thoughtfully designed, as well as innovative and practical. Students can use their summers or break periods to study a specific topic in-depth, maximizing academic growth in a limited time period.

High-Quality Research Guidance from our Mentors

Completing independent research under the mentorship of an expert offers a significant opportunity for growth. This academically rigorous experience allows students to deeply understand a specific field and explore their true passions.

High-Quality and Highly Motivated Peers

The Eureka Program welcomes high school students around the world to apply. Students are admitted based on their GPA, application essays, standardized tests, interview performance, and writing sample quality. Eureka students are generally self-motivated as they have the opportunity to conduct a research project on a topic they are truly passionate about.

Why Eureka

Eureka Program's Mission

​The Eureka Program aims to: 

  • Address the research interests of individual students by facilitating creative projects in collaboration, mentored by experts from various academic and professional backgrounds

  • Offer solid instruction on research methodologies, research etiquettes, and research ethics

  • Foster a community of student scholars who envision themselves as contributors to their academic field of interest

Eureka Program's Rationale

The Eureka Program is for high school students who want to complete high-quality research. The greatest challenge is the lack of direction, where to start, and where to go. The Eureka Program solves this problem by providing practical and original program topics, allowing high school researchers to explore their academic interests with a “map” — a clear research plan with guidance from mentors from various professional and academic backgrounds. Providing high school students with sufficient research training and the space to express their academic interests is crucial to helping students conduct and complete high-quality research.

Mission Statement

Eureka Program's Mission

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