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Research Support

The Eureka Program places great emphasis on training students to use professional research methods. Different fields of study will utilize different research methods. For instance, students researching a topic in the area of social sciences may use methods that include qualitative field research, quantitative research, questionnaire design, etc. Students will receive guidance regarding their specific research method through Eureka’s professional instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I start the application process?

You can review the How to Apply section to learn more about the application process. You can submit an Inquiry Form and a Eureka Advisor will get in contact with you and answer your questions. The application process will consist of submitting an application form, a short essay, and an interview process.

Do I need any prerequisites for my research projects?

Certain workshops may have prerequisites set by the instructor of the workshop. An applicant should have some background knowledge of the area they plan to do research. The Eureka Program will provide research training and will have various support systems to help the student through the research process. Students will also need to complete an Academic Standards Assessment. The goal of this assessment is to help the student learn how to cite properly and how to avoid plagiarism 

What will the classroom interaction be like? 

Each workshop is different. In all of our research workshops, students will start by learning the knowledge, concepts, and foundations of the research area, as well as the research process. Afterward, students will apply what they learn and complete their own research, resulting in a form of a deliverable. You can review the Workshop Structures page to learn more about our workshop types and structures.

How do you define “quality research”?

The requirements for each workshop vary and are set by the instructor. In general, a research paper should demonstrate college-level writing and critical thinking abilities. 


How will my professors and research assistants accommodate the issue of the time difference?

Every workshop is flexible when it comes to scheduling. A Eureka Program Coordinator will work with both the student and the instructor to figure out a schedule that will work for everyone. 


When is the application deadline?

This depends on the type of workshop you want to take. You can review the Workshop Structures page to see the deadlines of each workshop type. For Summer Workshops, the application deadline is May 10th. 

Can I speak with a Eureka alumni?

Yes, please submit an Inquiry Form and mention you would like to speak with a Eureka alumni. We will connect you with a Eureka Alumni afterward.  

What platforms will students use?

All virtual classes are held through the Zoom Video Conferencing program. Course materials will be distributed through Schoology or Google Classroom.


Are there fees? How much is the program?

Tuition is different for each workshop. To inquire about the fees of a specific workshop, please submit an Inquiry Form and mention which workshop you would like to learn more about.

How big is the class size?

For Summer Group Workshops, there will be 2-6 students. Every Summer Group Workshop will have a maximum of 6 students.

Will research with Eureka increase my chance of getting into specific colleges in the US? For instance, will research with an Ivy League professor increase my chance of getting into an Ivy League school?

Many of our past students have received admission offers to Ivy League Universities because they exhibited a comprehensive profile of personal strength. The Eureka Program does not have any affiliations with any colleges. College application is a comprehensive process. The Eureka Program provides a high-quality research experience, that will partially demonstrate a student's academic excellence. 

Will research with the Eureka Program guarantee my chances of getting a recommendation letter from a professor?

Although many of our students have received recommendation letters from our faculty, the Eureka Program does not guarantee a recommendation letter for participating in the program. 

Will research work get published in a journal?

Many of our previous students have had their works published in various academic journals. The Eureka Program does not guarantee a student's work will get published. The publishing process is solely the responsibility of the student and will depend on the quality of the student's work.

How much time do students need to devote to a Eureka workshop?

The Eureka Program research workshops are designed to provide flexibility to accommodate students' busy summer schedules. On average, Eureka students attend 3 other summer programs such as recreational summer camps, volunteer activities, SAT preparation courses, and other summer activities in addition to attending the Eureka Program. 

You can find the class and meeting hours required for each of our workshop types: Workshop Structure. In addition to class and meeting times, students will need to devote an additional 5-10 hours per week outside of class to complete their research and any other tasks assigned by the instructor. Based on what we have found out from past students’ experiences, the amount of time you spend on your research is directly associated with the quality of your final project.

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