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Eureka Program

Environmental Science and Nature Program

Environmental Science and Nature Program

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Eureka Environmental Science and Nature Program Overview

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Like never before, the systemic nature of our world has been revealed to us by the coronavirus pandemic: human, animal, and ecological health are closely linked. Agroecology provides an inspiring example of a powerful systemic approach and in this time of the coronavirus pandemic, agroecology can prove helpful to further explore the links between agriculture, health, and the environment and realize that the way we practice agriculture can provide opportunities for improving environmental and human health, but if done wrongly, agriculture can cause major ecological and health risks.

The Environmental Science Program offers students a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment, focusing on sustainable practices and innovative ideas to address global environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. 

Through the program, students develop critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills, enabling them to make informed decisions toward creating a more sustainable future. Additionally, the program emphasizes the principles of agroecology and sustainable agriculture as promising approaches for transitioning to local food systems that can provide social, economic, and environmental benefits while ensuring equitable and sustainable food production for urban populations.

Environmental Science majors have a diverse range of career and study opportunities available to them. Here are just some of the positions and acceptances students from the Eureka  Environmental Science Program have secured:

  • Real Estate Analyst- Wharton Investment and Trading Group

  • Private Equity Analyst Intern - Azalea Growth Partners

  • Data Science Intern - Leasing Company

  • Research Intern - Matsunami Lab

Alumni from the Eureka Environmental Science Program have received admission offers to Yale University, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Columbia University, California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), and other top US universities. These students have proceeded to pursue majors in Environmental Design, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematical Economics, and Computer Science.

The Eureka Program provides students with valuable research experience and skills that have helped them gain acceptance to prestigious programs such as the University of Iowa's Young Writers Workshop, The Summer Science Program (SSP), and the Yale Young Global Scholars Program (YYGS). Additionally, Eureka students' research work has received numerous awards and recognitions, including from the Scholastic Art & Writing National Awards, and the Society for Science - Regeneron STS Scholars Search.

Students from the Eureka Environmental Science Program are also very engaged in their communities, sharing in volunteering activities and starting non-profit organizations to help the community. One high school alumni cofounded a non-profit tutoring organization that provided free writing and English workshops to elementary and middle school students. 

The below sections will provide more insight into the students that have attended this program and share their experiences and successes. 

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