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Research Topic 101 Program

Research Topic 101 Program

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Research Topic 101 Program Overview

All participants in the Eureka Program are required to complete the Research Topic 101 course before they can enroll in any group workshops or engage in one-on-one research

The Eureka Research Program has documented over 500 rich and diverse research topic cases for high school students. These topics span multiple disciplines, including natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Each topic has been meticulously selected and designed, reflecting the research interests and innovative thinking of high school students. Choosing a feasible and valuable research topic is the first and most crucial step in scientific research. 

The "Research Topic 101" class is particularly well-suited for students who have little or no prior research experience. Tailored to provide a foundational understanding of various research areas, this introductory-level course equips students with the essential skills needed to explore and develop research topics. Its emphasis on guiding students through the process of selecting and refining research ideas makes it an invaluable resource for those seeking to build a strong academic foundation. Moreover, the skills acquired in the "Research Topic 101" course can significantly enhance a student's ability to apply for and participate in future academic opportunities, including summer schools and other extracurricular programs.

Course Outcomes

  • Interdisciplinary Perspective: This course transcends the boundaries of any single discipline, touching on topics in over 20 humanities and STEM fields.

  • Practical Orientation: Through real-world research topic case analyses and hands-on activities, students can enhance their skills in topic selection and cultivate the ability to address practical issues effectively.

  • Learning Outcomes: After attending the four webinar lectures and completing the post-class assignments, students are expected to generate a list of 2-5 potential research topics. Recognizing that engaging in research is a substantial extracurricular undertaking, we encourage students to delve deeper into these research topics if they possess the time and resources beyond their high school commitments. 

IMPORTANT: The "Research Topic 101" class is an introductory-level tutorial designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of various research areas. Students will not be required to compose any research papers as part of the "Research Topic 101" class.

Course Content Overview

  • Understanding the Landscape of Disciplines: By introducing foundational knowledge and research trends across various academic fields, the course aims to help students grasp the research focus and characteristics of different disciplines. 

  • Analysis of Research Topic Cases: The course will present authentic research topic cases from various academic domains, encompassing both successful and unsuccessful examples. Students will learn how to evaluate the feasibility, innovativeness, and practical applicability of a research topic. 

  • Techniques for Crafting Research Topics: Through practical exercises and case analyses, the course guides students in mastering fundamental skills and methods for conceptualizing research topics, including literature review, problem definition, and research methodology selection. 

Course Timeline

  • Week 1: Economics & Finance: Finance, Economics, Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency, Asset Management, etc. 

  • Week 2: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics): Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, etc. 

  • Week 3: Social Sciences: Environmental Science, Public Health, Public Policy, International Relations, Political Science, Law, Business Studies, etc. 

  • Week 4: Arts, Humanities, and Philosophy: Literature, World History, European History, Art History, etc.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion, issued by the course instructor. This certificate stands as a testament to the student's dedication, commitment, and accomplishments in research

Eureka Program Certificate of Completion
Eureka Program Certificate of Completion

Instruction Method

All classes are held via Zoom Conferencing App (Webinar)

Class Time

April 2024: Every Sunday: 08:00 - 9:30 AM (US ET)

June 2024: Every Sunday: 08:00 - 9:30 AM (US ET)

*See Program Dates Section for Full Schedule

*Class Recordings will be provided to enrolled students if there is a time conflict

Inquiry Contact

(US Only) For inquiry, please text name, class year, and high school name to +1(864) 810-0139

Enrolled Student Support

Enrolled students can send any questions to

How to Apply

Students and Parents interested in applying for this course should first submit an Inquiry Form. A Eureka Advisor will assist in answering any questions you may have and provide the next steps.

Tuition Payment

Parents may pay for this course by visiting:

If you have questions, request a free consultation with no obligation, and our team will address your inquiries promptly. 

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