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Eureka Program

Sports Business and Management Program

Sports Business and Management Program

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Eureka Sports Business and Management Program Overview

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What is the best strategy to successfully convert a penalty kick in soccer? When should an American football team go for a 2-point conversion after a touchdown? How do tennis players adjust their serve placement based on their opponent's tendencies? If you are interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry, these are some situations where making strategic decisions are required. Through the  Eureka Program Sports Business and Management Program, students will gain expertise in data analysis, game theory knowledge, strategic decision-making, and mathematical modeling of strategic situations.

Technology has revolutionized the sports industry in several ways. Technology has enhanced athlete training and performance through specialized software and tools such as data analysis, simulation, and virtual reality training. 

These advancements improve performance tracking and analysis, simulate game scenarios for preparation, and provide a more immersive training environment. The Eureka Sports Business and Management Program offers a comprehensive study of Sports Technology, covering a range of devices, methods, and fundamental principles. Students will acquire the necessary research and analytical skills to pursue a career in sports management.

Alumni from the Eureka Sports Business and Management program have received admission offers from the University of Cambridge, Duke University, University of Chicago, John Hopkins University (JHU), New York University, and Rice University. These students are currently pursuing studies in Sports Management, Sports Analytics, Data Science, Business Management, Economics, and Mathematics.

The research experience and skills students receive at the Eureka Program have helped students get accepted to prestigious programs such as the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute,  the Summer Research Mentorship Program at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB RMP), and the Brown University x+VR Summer Program. Several students in this program have also received awards in prestigious competitions, such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS), and the American Mathematics Competition (AMC). 

Furthermore, we take pride in the active community participation of our program's students, as they engage in volunteer work whenever possible. For instance, a student from our program dedicated her time to a non-profit organization, teaching elementary school students English, science, and physical education in a rural village in China. Several of our students have founded non-profit organizations to help their local community. Two siblings that attended this program have started a non-profit organization helping to promote cultural awareness for children in their local communities by providing their local libraries with a wider range of cultural children's books. 

The below sections will provide more insight into the students that have attended this program and share their experiences and successes.

If you have questions, request a free consultation with no obligation, and our team will address your inquiries promptly. 

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