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Eureka Program

Comparative Literature Program

Comparative Literature Program

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Eureka Comparative Literature Program Overview

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Some of the most famous monsters of the screen and in the Western cultural imaginary hail originally from 19th-century novels. But bloodsuckers, corpses, and evil doppelgangers were metaphors for scarier things than the monsters themselves: rapid technological shifts, scientific discoveries, and new identity formations. 

Comparative literature is an academic field that involves the study of literature and cultural expression across linguistic, national, and disciplinary boundaries. It focuses on the relationships between literature and other forms of artistic expression, as well as between literature and history, philosophy, and social thought. Comparative literature scholars seek to understand how literary works reflect and shape the world around them, as well as how they are shaped by their historical and cultural contexts. They also explore issues related to translation, intertextuality, and cultural exchange.

The research experience and skills students receive at the Eureka Program have helped students get accepted to programs such as the National Student Poets Program and The New York Times Summer Writing Program for Opinion Writing.

Many students from the Eureka program are also very engaged in their communities, sharing in volunteering activities and starting non-profit organizations to help the community. 1 student started a non-profit magazine for Humanities writings. Many alumni from the Eureka program have received top awards like the Scholastic Art & Writing National Awards, the National Merit Scholarship Award, and many others.

The below sections will provide more insight into the students who have attended this program and share their experiences and successes.

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