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Workshop: 115 Neuro-Engineering: Reading Thoughts and Writing Memories

Who is this Workshop for? 

High school students who are interested in researching the areas of neuroscience,

neuro-engineering, and biomedical engineering.

Workshop Description 

Introductory cellular and systems-level neuroscience for high school students interested in

biomedical engineering. This course will introduce the mechanisms that underlie signal and

information propagation in biological cellular neural networks, and the computational potential

of such networks in the brain, as neuro-engineering applications such as neural

prosthesis and technologies for interfacing with the nervous system. The main goal of this

course is to equip students with foundational neuroscience knowledge for college-level studies and research in neuro-engineering including neural probe technology and devices, optical, magnetic and electrical neurotechnologies.

Sample Research Topics

  • What is the language that neurons use to talk to each other?

  • Can we use brain imaging technologies to read human thoughts?

  • How can we control neuronal activity with light?

  • Do zombies exist?

  • How can we engineer brains outside the body?

  • Can we reprogram skin cells to neurons and treat brain disease?

  • Can we use the power of thought to control flying saucers?

Past Students' Research Projects

115-21 Student Research - Eureka Program Neuroscience.jpg
115-21 Student Research - Eureka Program Neuroscience (2).jpg
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