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Leadership and Business Studies

Workshop: 109 Leadership and Diversity in the Global Environment


Knowledge of US corporate life, diversity and inclusion terms, and business terms is helpful but not required.

Workshop Description

This workshop examines key leadership concepts in general and women in particular. The course is not set up to teach you how to be a leader (or be a better leader), per se. Still, it will operate with the assumption that if you know how successful women and men have navigated power and authority, applied knowledge and core competencies, and balanced life and work, you will be better able to direct your academic endeavors and professional development. This course should interest students in business, organizational behavior, psychology, sociology/law, and women's and gender studies. As it is increasingly difficult to separate the US economy from its global implications, we will evaluate leadership issues from a US perspective and in a transnational framework, i.e., the extent to which the values/culture of leadership cut across national boundaries. Leadership theory will be explained and situated through global and intercultural conditions and interdependencies.

Sample Research Topics

  • Do family responsibilities hold people back from achieving their leadership goals? Are these worse for women/minorities/immigrants/people of color?

  • What are some of the educational and cultural barriers to leadership?

  • Are there companies with progressive hiring practices, or are they 'shaking up business as usual? How are they doing this?

  • How are mentors, advisors, and sponsors key to social capital growth?

  • What is work-life balance? 

  • Can AI solve the leadership gap, skills gap, gender gap?

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