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Economic Analysis

Workshop: 025 Statistical Analysis of Economic Data

Who is this Workshop for?

High school students are interested in analyzing economic data, hypothesis testing, and estimation techniques. 


Students should have some calculus and statistics knowledge 

Workshop Description

The central themes of this course are basic probability and statistical theory and how quantitative information can be summarized and analyzed to inform business and economic decisions. Topics to be covered include descriptive statistics, probability, sampling & sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, and simple and multiple regression analysis. Excel will be used to illustrate and reinforce the concepts and conduct data analysis. For their final research projects, each student in this course will identify a potential causal effect of interest, collect relevant data, and write an applied statistics research paper in which they use the appropriate statistical technique to test their hypothesis.

Sample Research Topics

  • What is the effect of a country’s income level on how democratic its political system is?

  • What is the effect of the number of daughters a politician has on how their parents in Congress vote on women’s issues?

  • Does Openness to Trade Influence a Country’s Level of Income Inequality?

  • Does greater salary inequality within a sports team increase or decrease the number of games won?

  • Does the “Hot Hand” Exist in Basketball? Is the next shot more likely to go in after you make a shot?

  • What is the effect of a Rating on the Price in Airbnb rentals?

Past Students' Research Projects

025-22 Student Research - Eureka Program Statistics.jpg
025-21 Student Research - Eureka Program Statistics.jpg
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