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Independent Research

Workshop: One-on-One Independent Research Workshop

Who is this Workshop for?

High-performing high school students who have a specific research idea are encouraged to apply for this workshop.  



Students looking to take this workshop type must have a specific research idea or several ideas in mind. When applying, the student must submit a detailed research proposal, which will be reviewed by the Eureka Admissions Team, along with a professor in the specified research field. The Eureka Program works with various professors, in over 30 different academic fields.   

Workshop Description

Students in this workshop will have the opportunity to work with a professor on a one-on-one basis to conduct a college-level research project. Over a series of meetings, the student will receive research guidance, learn more about the research area, and complete their own research project, resulting in a deliverable. Instructors will also share more insight into the research area, help the student learn about real-world applications, and provide mentorship. 

Past Student's Research Projects

2022 STEM - Independent Study - Neuroscience.jpg
2022 STEM - Independent Study - Neuroscience (2).jpg
2022 Social Sciences - Independent Study - Design.jpg
2022 Social Science - Independent Study - Urban Studies.jpg
2022 STEM - Independent Study - Aerospace Engineering.jpg
2022 Humanities - Independent Study - Gender Studies.jpg
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