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Eureka Program

Biology and Chemistry Program

Biology and Chemistry Program

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Eureka Biology and Chemistry Program Overview

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Program Prerequisites: Students are expected to have completed AP Chemistry. Alternatively, students should familiarize themselves with Lewis Dot structures and unit conversions.

Biology and Chemistry are two interdependent fields that play a crucial role in our understanding and treatment of human health. From developing new drugs to diagnosing diseases, chemistry has been instrumental in advancing the field of medicine. Chemists and medical professionals work together to explore the chemical basis of diseases, understand the molecular mechanisms of drugs, and develop new therapies and treatments. They use a range of tools and techniques, from imaging and spectroscopy to computational modeling and synthetic chemistry, to uncover the underlying chemical processes in the human body.

Biology and Chemistry majors have a diverse range of career opportunities available to them, including positions in academia, pharmaceuticals, medical practice, public and private healthcare, and more. 

Eureka Alumni from this program have received admission offers to the University of Chicago, Duke University, and Emory University, and other top US universities.

Alumni from this program have gone off to pursue majors in Financial Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, and Applied Mathematics.

The research experience and skills students receive at the Eureka Program have helped students get accepted to programs such as the MIT - LaunchX Entrepreneurship Summer Program, Stanford Cardiothoracic Surgery Skills Summer Institute (CSSSI), and other top summer programs.

Many students from this program are also very engaged in their communities, sharing in volunteering activities and starting non-profit organizations to help the community. During COVID-19, a Eureka student founded Mask Connections, an initiative to recycle disposable masks. Many alumni from this program have received top awards like Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar, U.S. Presidential Scholars Awards, and many others.

The below sections will provide more insight into the students that have attended this program and share their experiences and successes.

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