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Welcome to the Eureka Program!

You can find all the resources you need for your classes here.

This content is exclusively for enrolled Eureka Program students and requires a passcode for access. Please select your enrolled class to view the course content and required assignments. Please note that some classes have prerequisite assignments that must be completed before beginning your research projects with mentors.

Important: These resources are strictly for enrolled Eureka Program students and must not be shared with external parties. All contents are copyrighted by the Eureka Program and its instructors.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please contact us at or your Eureka Advisor.

Which Course Level Are You Enrolled In?


Welcome to Your

Eureka Research Program - Class 101


In this section, you can find all the materials for your Class 101, including:

  • Class Assignments

  • Tutorials

  • Past Student Research Abstracts

  • Class Recordings

As a student in the Eureka Program's Class 101, you are required to complete the following assignments:

  • Eureka Research Tutorials

  • Eureka Research Preparation Check Assignments


Eureka Research Tutorial
Introductory Research Tutorial course to help students develop essential research and writing skills crucial for academic success!

Research Check.png

Eureka Research Preparation Check
Assignment to ensure students understand academic standards, plagiarism, citations, and research paper structuring.

Research Icon.png

View Research Abstract Archive
Explore the extensive collection of Eureka Research Abstracts, providing a glimpse into the diverse and innovative research conducted by the bright minds of the Eureka Program. 


View 101 Class Recordings
Find your Eureka101 Class Recordings 


Welcome to Your

Eureka Research Program - 201 Class


In this section, you can find all the materials for your Class 201, including:

  • Homework Assignments

  • Class Recordings


201 Class Learning Resources
Find course content, homework assignments and class recordings for the Eureka Program 201 Classes. 

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