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Young Scholar Conference

Winter 2024  |  Online Webinar

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Welcoming all High School Scholars!

The Eureka Young Scholar Conference celebrates the bright minds and achievements of all young scholars! We welcome all high school researchers to apply to this conference. Join us in this inspiring event where students from diverse backgrounds come together to showcase their research, exchange ideas, and inspire one another to reach greater heights! 

Eureka Research Young Scholar Conference

The Eureka Research Program firmly believes that academic excellence merits recognition and celebration. The Eureka Program hosts an annual Young Scholar Conference, allowing high school students to showcase their research work before a panel of mentors and scholars. Students can submit research outcomes or proposals from all kinds of summer programs, research camps, competitions, and individual research endeavors. Our objective is to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of young scholars to conduct and showcase quality research.

A Conference Dedicated to High School Students

The Eureka Program firmly believes in providing high school students with the chance to engage in scientific research. Every year, we organize research workshops across 20+ academic disciplines, mainly in the areas of S.T.E.M., Humanities, and Social Sciences. With our guidance, over 600 students have successfully pursued their research goals, making exceptional contributions. That's why we host our annual Eureka Young Scholar Conferences, where we proudly recognize and showcase the outstanding work of our young scholars!

The absence of high school academic conferences represents a missed opportunity to nurture and showcase the research passion of students, hindering their intellectual and academic growth. Without such platforms, students may lack the motivation and encouragement to delve deeper into research endeavors during their formative years. High school is a critical period where students begin to explore their interests and develop their academic identities, and the absence of conferences deprives them of an avenue to demonstrate their potential and receive recognition for their scholarly achievements. Without opportunities to showcase their research, students may struggle to find a channel to present their research outcomes. This conference serves as a powerful tool for all students to showcase their intellectual capabilities, thereby increasing their appeal to colleges seeking high-achieving individuals with a passion for academic inquiry.

Beginning in 2024, the Eureka Young Scholar Conference will expand its reach by welcoming high school researchers who have participated in other research programs, academic camps, competitions, or pursued individual research projects.

2024 Eureka Young Scholar Conference

Date: Winter 2024 - Date and Time to Be Announced!

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