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Eureka Program  |  Estimated Time to Complete: 30 Minutes

Welcome to the Eureka Program Application Form. 

Please allow for at least 30 minutes to complete this application.

We strongly recommend that you complete your application on a computer.  

Please note: Due to the challenging nature of the Eureka Program, it is important that this application reflects the academic interests and abilities of the applicant only. Therefore, applicants should complete all responses in the application on their own. Any misrepresentation on your application is grounds to revoke your offer of admission into Eureka Programs. 

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, the applicant must be 13 years old or older when completing this application form by themselves. If the applicant is not at least 13 years old, this application form must be completed by the applicant with a parent or guardian or completed by the applicant's parent or guardian.   

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Application Form

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