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Economics and Finance Program


Economics and Finance Program

Eureka Economics and Finance Program Overview

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Recently, behavioral economists have begun taking seriously the premise that people care fundamentally not just about objective outcomes but about their beliefs. People cherish their beliefs, defend themselves from perceived challenges, and are often hostile to people who have other ideas. Such ‘belief-based utility’ can lead to camaraderie or conflict, information seeking or avoidance, uncertainty tolerance or aversion, and motivated reasoning or forgetting. 

Economics majors have a diverse range of career opportunities available to them, including positions in securities firms, banks, foreign trade companies, financial editing, consulting, and more. Previous Alumni of the Economics and Finance Program have secured positions and acceptances to the following firms/programs: 

  • LinkedIn: Software Engineer Intern 

  • Goldman Sachs: Virtual Insight Series Participant 

  • Credit Suisse Steps to Success: Explore Program 

  • Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy - Research Assistant for Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance (YISF) 

  • University of Chicago - Pathways in Economics (Summer Program) 

  • Davidson College: Research Intern for Economics Professor 

  • Various Investment Banking Internships 

These examples highlight the wide range of options that Eureka students have upon completion, allowing them to explore various industries and pursue careers in fields they are passionate about. 

Eureka Alumni from this program have received admission offers to Princeton University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), University of Chicago, John Hopkins University (JHU), and other top US universities. Alumni from this program have gone off to pursue majors in Financial Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, and Applied Mathematics. 

The research experience and skills students receive at the Eureka Program have helped students get accepted to programs such as the MIT - LaunchX Entrepreneurship Summer Program, The Wharton School - Leadership in the Business World, and other top summer programs. 

Many students from this program are also very engaged in their communities, sharing in volunteering activities and starting non-profit organizations to help the community. During COVID-19, several students have started organizations to help obtain and distribute health supplies. Many alumni from this program have received top awards like Scholastic Art & Writing National Awards, U.S. Presidential Scholars Awards, and many others.  

The below sections will provide more insight into the students that have attended this program and share their experiences and successes. 

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