Gender Studies


007 Women's Studies Gender, Health, and Reproductive Politics


High school students interested in learning about gender studies and/or getting some basic grounding in gender and feminist studies in any field. This is also an excellent course to prepare for college writing and the kinds of literary analyses performed in college classrooms.



This workshop asks the following questions: What does it mean to approach reproductive issues in a feminist way? How do institutions—such as medicine, the church, the government—support or surveil women's reproductive decisions? How do various demographic factors—such as race, class, geography, disability—influence women's experiences of reproduction? How is globalization shaping our understanding of reproduction? Lectures will use a multimedia approach, with a number of media videos embedded into each class. Readings include academic journal articles, films, book excerpts, news stories, and podcasts. All students in this workshop will conduct original research. With support from the Professor, students will learn how to: formulate original research questions, develop a hypothesis, conduct a literature review, choose relevant methodologies, and analyze data. 

Sample Research Topics

  • "We've Been Liberated!" - Young Women in China Reclaiming the Right of Being "Leftover Women."

  • Representations of Surrogacy: Controversy with Non-Normative Ideologies Through Film & Media

  • Confucianism or Feminism: a case study of Nth room in the context of South Korean gender war

  • Another Broken System: How the Adoption System Is Keeping Families Apart

  • The Social and Cultural Implications of the Egg Freezing Policy in China

  • House of Surrogates: Mirroring the surrogate factor behind the ban of Indian surrogacy and the erroneous remarks of media representation

  • Veganism and Feminism on Social Media Today 

  • The "Anchor Baby" Image in News Media