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Technology (Wearable Devices)

001 Wearable Devices and Human Healthy Behaviors


High school students interested in learning about technology. This is also an excellent course to prepare for college writing and the kinds of literary analyses performed in college classrooms. 


Students will survey the wearable devices to get familiar with the state of the art of commercial products in the market. They will explore how wearable devices and sensor technologies are being used to collect data and promote healthy behavior. This includes technologies to encourage exercise, reduce drug use, track and reduce stress, keep people from falling asleep or texting while driving, etc. At the end of this module, they should acquire a good knowledge of this market and products. Students will look at both the technologies used and the device's design. They will understand the technology and sensors embedded in wearable devices, including mature technology used in the commercial market and developed in research labs. In this module, students will also learn about the design of machines and adaptation to the human body.

【Sample research topics】

  • The Effect of Affective Feedback on the Ease of Programming Language Learning

  • The auto-shrink (or expand) response to the pressure sensor and the use of a portable cardio tachometer to fit appropriately to different body shapes and different kinds of movement 

  • Tryptophan is a substance to improve the quality of sleep

  • Meditation to Increase Concentration

  • Encouraging Hearing Loss Prevention In Music Listeners Using Personal Technology

  • The effect of Mint and Lemon scents on meditation and the role of olfactory adaptation in it