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Physics and Astronomy Program


Physics and Astronomy Program

Eureka Physics and Astronomy Program Overview

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Physics was revolutionized in the early 1900s by two groundbreaking advances: relativity, which changed our perceptions of space-time and gravitation, and quantum mechanics, which fundamentally altered the very nature of our questions about the universe. Together, these two pillars of modern science enable us to understand a wide breadth of phenomena, ranging from the tiny nucleus of an atom to the evolution of the universe itself. They have collectively inspired a massive range of technologies - from transistors that powered the computer revolution to GPS satellites that have transformed the way we move worldwide. In the Quantum Physics Program, students will examine the scientific basis behind quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, the Big Bang theory, and the theory of black holes. This program will also discuss select current open problems in theoretical physics.

The Eureka Physics and Astronomy Program also incorporates Aerospace Engineering as an area of study. As a spacecraft enters an atmosphere at hypersonic speeds, a bow shock forms in front of the vehicle, making the atmospheric entry one of the most high-risk phases of a NASA planetary mission. A thermal protection system (TPS) is required to protect the vehicle payload, and the integrity of TPS design is critical to space exploration. The workshop will cover spacecraft design evolution, TPS materials, and physical laws governing the ablation process to provide cooling to the spacecraft. Students will learn how NASA engineers design and test heat shields to minimize the mass and maximize safety.

Eureka Alumni from this program have received admission offers to Princeton University, Yale University, Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Southern California. These students have continued to pursue majors in Physics, Astrophysics, Molecular Engineering,  Mathematics, and Computer Science.  

We take pride in the active participation of our program alumni in their local communities. Some of our students have established non-profit organizations to support their neighborhoods. Notably, two siblings who attended our program started a non-profit organization aimed at promoting cultural awareness for children in their community. They accomplished this by donating a diverse range of cultural children's books to local libraries. Another student volunteered his free time during the COVID-19 pandemic to collect and donate face masks to his community. Additionally, several workshop attendees have secured hospital internships while still in high school.

Graduates of this program have achieved recognition through prestigious awards for high school students. Among the organizations that have honored our students are the Society for Science - Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS), the National Merit Scholarship Program, the Massachusetts Regional Science Fair, and the US Physics Olympiad. The Eureka Program is proud of our student's achievements and wishes them success on their future academic endeavors.

The below sections will provide more insight into the students that have attended this program and share their experiences and successes.

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