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Eureka Partnership 

The Eureka Program seeks to provide students with access to academic research.  With the core mission of fostering a community of student scholars who envision themselves as contributors to their academic field of interest, Eureka has helped over 500 students by facilitating creative projects in collaboration with professors from top universities. 

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Global Impact

Eureka is a leading research institution in guiding students to explore emerging topics. Our academic research designs and programs helped both US and international students around the globe. 

Education Institution Partnership With Eureka

Eureka has earned an academic reputation by helping a global student community. With our academic connections with influential scholars and professors from around the world, rigorous research etiquette, and enriching Eureka Scholarship, here's how we can help your students grow passion and become research scholars.


1. Eureka Strategic Partnership (For University students)

We provide an alternative research project that can be used in the final project. A Eureka professor will conduct two meetings with the class to introduce the research topic and research deliverable. Eureka Research Scholarships up to $10,000 will be provided to the first place finalist. Through this experience, your students will experience rigorous research etiquette, a guest professor from the most professional field, and the Eureka Research Scholarship


2. Eureka Scholar Partnership (For High School Students)

Eureka will host a global impact talk at your campus or online(1-2 hours). The speaker will be a top Eureka professor with expertise in specific research fields. In addition, students can submit a Q&A before the global impact talk to communicate directly with the professor. After the talk, students will have the option to write a reflection paper. The professor will provide one student with a full scholarship summer research opportunity and up to $10,000 in Eureka Research Grant.

3. Eureka Research Grant

Eureka Research grant is a research-type scholarship (up to $2000 per candidate) provided to students with exceptional research interests. Eureka is committed to providing students with access to research with a full scholarship. 


Eureka is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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