Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I start the application process?

The first step is to finish an inquiry form here. Then, you can schedule an info session or a phone call session here. The General Application process consists of a short essay and an interview process. 


Do I need any prerequisites for my research projects?


There will be prerequisites of knowledge areas for enrolling in a workshop. Eureka will provide research training. Before entering Module 2, students must complete an “academic standard” test. The goal is to know how to cite correctly and avoid plagiarism.


What will the classroom interaction be like? 


Each workshop is different. Students will be learning the knowledge, concepts, and foundation in module 1, and then starting the research in module 2. The first half of the summer program is 1-6 small group class. The second half is 1-on-1 sessions with professors, focusing on developing and writing the individual research.  


How do you define “quality research”?


Each workshop is different. In general, a research paper demonstrates college-level writing and critical thinking. 


How will my professors and research assistants accommodate the issue of the time difference?


We are flexible and always figure out a timetable to fit everyone’s schedule. 

When is the application deadline?


May 10th. 


Can I speak with Eureka alumni?


Yes, please finish the inquiry form here, and we will connect you with Eureka Alumni.

What platforms will students use?


For virtual class, Zoom. For course materials, Schoology.


Are there fees? How much is the program?


Tuition is different for each workshop. Finish the inquiry form here, and we will contact you with more workshop information, including the cost of tuition. 


How big is the class size?


2-6 students.

Will research with Eureka increase my chance of getting into specific colleges in the US? For instance, will research with an Ivy League professor increase my chance of getting into an Ivy League school?

A lot of our alumni got into the Ivy League because they resemble a comprehensive profile of personal strength. Eureka does not have any affiliation with any colleges; College application is a comprehensive process; Eureka only provides a high-quality research experience that will partially demonstrate students' academic excellence. 

Will research with Eureka guarantee my chance of getting a recommendation letter from the professor?

Although many students got a recommendation letter from the professor, Eureka does not guarantee a recommendation letter for participating in the program.