The Eureka Design

Program Structure

Two Modules through the course of the Summer term, which lasts from June to August.

The specific timetable for projects is released every May. Generally:

  • Module 1 will take place from June to July. This module is made up of 4 sessions, 2 hours per session. These sessions will have up to 6 students, with 8 face-time hours of lectures, discussions, supervised reading, and research topic development. 

    • The faculty will facilitate these sessions. The Teaching Assistants (TA) or Research Assistants (RA) will audit every session, take attendance, and provide feedback on the student’s classroom performance.

  • Module 2 will take place from July to August. This module is made up of 4 sessions, 1 hour per session. These sessions will be one-on-one meetings (or in teams of 2-3 students), with 4 face-time hours per team of supervised research.

    • During this period, faculty from top universities will provide 4 individual hour-long tutoring sessions for each student.

Outside of class, students may need to spend an additional 6 to 9 hours every week to complete their individual research projects.

A final presentation is to be prepared by students and presented during the final session, which will take place in August.


Zoom will be used for all online sessions. Course materials will be delivered through Schoology.

Recommendation Letters

The program does not guarantee any form of recommendation letter. Whether a professor is willing to issue a recommendation letter depends on the student’s performance, paper quality, and the relationship and interactions between the professor and the student.

Support Systems

Research Support

The Eureka Program places great emphasis on training students to use professional research methods. Different fields of study will utilize different research methods. For instance, students researching a topic in social sciences may use methods that include qualitative field research, quantitative research, questionnaire design, etc. Students will receive guidance regarding their specific research method through Eureka’s professional instructors.


Research Advisors (RA)

Research Advisors are available to help students with every stage of their research. RA's will aid students with workshop course content and assignments, as well as offer writing guidance for the research paper. The RA’s goal is to help students develop sufficient writing skills and prepare them for college-level academic writing.


Writing Training

Starting in June, Eureka will provide an online tutorial for paper writing. This will include citation tutorials, as well as how to avoid plagiarism, use databases, revise paper formats, etc. After Module 1, students must pass a test to be qualified to take Module 2. It is the student’s full responsibility if there is any academic misconduct (such as plagiarism).

*Eureka is an independent research institute founded to foster student research passion and provide a high-standard research opportunity to students around the globe. We do not have any affiliation with any universities. We do not guarantee recommendation letters or as the product of Eureka's research. 

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Research Fields that are emergent in the FUTURE

We ONLY choose university-level research topics that will lead to outstanding research experiences